Please review our poicies carefully. If you have any questions please contact us.



    • Girls: Pink or white tights, black or blue leotard. I would prefer no skirts. Pink ballet slippers, Hair up in a bun.
    • Boys: Black sweats, white t-shirt, black slippers.
    • No necklaces or bracelets, small earings are fine.

Lyrical Dance

Student can wear any color leotard, tights, unitard and leggings. No necklaces or bracelets, small earings are fine. Hair must be tied back. They will need foot wear for the performance.

Payment Schedule:

Dance classes for Children can be paid monthly or every eight weeks.  There will be no refund for absences.  All classes must be paid for in the month. 



It is extremely important for children to attend all classes in order to receive the best training possible. If your child misses a class because of illness, special event or holiday, she/he can make up the class within that month in another age related class if one is offered. There must be at least three students per class in order for the class to run. Students are responsible for their own attendence. There will be no refund for absences.  All classes must be paid for in the month.

Snow days and School Vacations:

If school is canceled because of bad weather, there will be no dance classes on that day. There will be no dance during school vactions as well. I do not charge for snow days or school vacations.

Watching Classes:

The best learning environment for dance is students only in the room. Therefore there will be no watching classes every week. Parents and friends can come and watch classes during parent’s week, March 11th will be Hawlemont, March 12th Buckland and March 14th, Sanderson.

Classroom Rules of Conduct:

I feel very lucky and privileged to be able to share my love of dance with all of you. Dance is a very disciplined art form that requires a lot of hard work and concentration. In my classes I expect all students to show respect to the art form and be prepared to work hard and concentrate on dance. All students need to treat all the people in the dance class with respect and kindness. I want to teach the art of dance and have fun while doing it.

If a student becomes disruptive, he or she will get 2 warnings before being asked to sit out for the remainder of the class. After the student is asked to sit, there will be a conference with the parent/parents. If the student is asked to sit out for 2 classes, then the student will not be allowed to dance for the remainder of the school year.